Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Smile at Our Brownsburg Dentistry

At Brownsburg Dental Group, Dr. Gary I. Friedman, and his team provide cosmetic dental solutions tailored to your unique needs. From eliminating many years’ worth of dental discoloration to replacing missing teeth, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to restore your reason to smile. Patients visiting our Brownsburg office can choose from the following cosmetic dentistry solutions:

Composite Fillings- we use a bio-compatible tooth-colored, composite material to conceal small chips, or cracks and permanent discoloration. The natural-looking restoration is polished and shaped to match adjacent teeth.

Porcelain Crowns- our cosmetic dental crowns are fabricated in our trusted local lab to strengthen damaged teeth and protect the inner core of your tooth. We use top-quality materials for a truly life-like appearance.

Professional Teeth Whitening- we provide both chairside and take-home teeth whitening options so that patients can choose according to their needs. Our in-practice method offers immediate results while the take-home option allows you to whiten your teeth at your own pace.

Dental Implants- Dr. Friedman finalizes your tooth-replacement treatment with quality implant-supported restorations designed to restore the proper function, health, and beauty of your smile. Our dental prosthetics include crowns, bridges, and dentures.  

Helping You Achieve Your Ideal Smile

Whether you have been a patient of ours for many years or are visiting us for the first time, we begin every visit by discussing your current needs, concerns, and goals. Dr. Friedman then does a thorough yet gentle examination of your current dental condition.

If any problems are detected, our team will begin immediate treatment. Once your oral health is restored, Dr. Friedman will recommend the ideal cosmetic dental treatment to meet your goal.

Skilled and Compassionate Cosmetic Dental Care

While the entire team at Brownsburg Dental Group, are committed to serving every aspect of your smile, we want to help you achieve truly memorable dental aesthetics. To schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, call our Brownsburg practice today!

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