Improving Oral Health with Dental Implant Treatment in Brownsburg

A complete and attractive smile offers numerous health benefits in addition to improved confidence. A healthy dental environment allows for proper digestion and preserves your facial features. At Brownsburg Dental Group we have been repairing smiles with dental implant treatment for over 28 years.

For more information on how dental implants comprehensively replace one or more missing teeth, or to find out if you are a viable candidate, contact our Brownsburg practice today!

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Your jawbone needs constant stimulation from healthy tooth roots to preserve its density and shape. When teeth are missing the lack of stimulation can lead to gum recession, bone resorption, and poor oral health.

Dental implants provide highly successful and reliable solutions to combat the complications associated with tooth loss. Dental implants serve as an artificial tooth and are made of bio-compatible titanium posts. Once surgically inserted into the jaw, the implant posts fuse naturally with tissue and bone in a process called osteointegration.

  • Dental implants provide a multitude of life-long benefits, including:
  • Permanently replacing missing teeth
  • Improved dental function
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • Rebuilding of jawbone structure and strength

Once our trusted specialist completes your implant placement procedure and you have healed sufficiently, we invite you back to our office for your final restoration. Dr. Friedman, Jessica Miller and their team will place your top-quality, custom-crafted dental restoration.


For patients who are missing one tooth, we provide reliable single-tooth treatment with our beautiful, natural-looking porcelain crowns. After the dental implant fuses with the bone, the crown is attached to the abutment which connects the restoration to the implant posts.

Dental implant-supported bridges are like traditional bridges except they are supported by implants instead of adjacent teeth. They can be fixed or removable.

Dentures and implant-supported dentures are used when patients have little to no remaining teeth in their smile, but still, have enough healthy bone volume to support implants.

Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants

The entire team at Brownsburg Dental Group, PC is committed to your optimal oral health and full-functioning smile. For more information about dental implants and their benefits, contact our office today.


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