· are the most advanced tooth replacement system ever devised.
 · help preserve the jawbone to prevent the appearance of premature aging.
 · look and function like natural teeth.
 · are placed in the doctor’s office with minimal to no discomfort.
 · improve comfort, appearance, speech.
 · have a 95% success rate.
 · allow you to eat the foods you love and talk, smile and laugh with confidence.
 · represent a conservative treatment option-adjacent teeth are left untouched.
 · never develop decay.
 · never require root canals.
 · can provide great stability for a lower or upper denture.
 · can help people of any age.
 · give patients a third set of teeth that are natural looking and very long-lasting.





Ask your self the following questions:

Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth?
Do you have a complete or partial denture that is no longer comfortable?
Have you ever been embarrassed by a denture or a bridge?
Do you have a friend or family member with any of these situations?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, call us today at (317) 852-1446 to schedule a free consultation. We would be pleased to evaluate your oral health and discuss treatment options with you.